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Repairs are carried out by our qualified staff

Repairs to the hull


Professional competence to cover the entire spectrum

    Shipbodies, superstructures and all related components such as
    Outer skin, bulkhead, decks, floor, tanks, foundations, luck lids etc.   
    Accompanying devices such as winches, bollards, lumps
    Propeller repairs
    Corrosion protection

mechanical engineering
    Wheelhouse lifting systems
    Engines and aggregates
    Rowing and bow rowing systems
    Pipelines, pumps, compressors
    Separators, de-oilers, hydraulic systems
    Cooling systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
    Special equipment for repairs to shaft lines

electrical engineering
    Control of monitoring and automation facilities
    Power supply, navigation systems   
    Switchboards, distributors, cabling
    Communication devices

Did you know that ...

our modern slipway with a length of 270 metres is suitable for all Danube and canal vessels.