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Ships, machines and more... MS Engelberg

Ships, machines and more... Service boat Linz

Ships, machines and more... MS Überlingen

Ships, machines and more... MS Rhystärn

Neubau Engelberg

New construction

We can accommodate ships up to a width of 15.5m in our shipbuilding hall (140m x 35m) at any time of the year and process them regardless of the weather. ÖSWAG's corporate concept includes the following construction projects within the scope of shipbuilding:

  • Inland lake and river passenger vessels
  • Authority operation boats (police, rescue, fire department, water supervision, etc.)
  • Cargo, push and freight vessels
  • Folding barges, pumping stations
  • Pontoons of all kinds

Did you know that ...

we have already delivered more than 1500 ships since the shipyard was founded (1840).