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Folding barges Ferlach

Folding barges Feistritz

Folding barges Feistritz and Ferlach

Year of construction: 2006
Application area: Drau, Carinthia

Deck equipment:
Hydraulics: 1 folding cylinder 360/250/1825
1 hydraulic pump
Transfer pump including hose reel for excavator pontoon
4 cable winches Nabrico 25 (10 t holding force)
1 anchor with high holding force (400 kg)
Fuel tank: 2 x 5,000 liters

Main data
Lenght over all 44,00 m
Width over all 8,60 m
Draft 2,05 m
Power 662 kW
Speed 16 km/h (max. 24 km/h leer)

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