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Construction of a double pontoon for the "Melker Hafenspitz"

Ponton Melk
A few months ago, ÖSWAG was awarded the contract for the construction of the new double pontoon at Melker Hafenspitz. With the start of the season in April 2022, the new floating landing stage will be open for Danube vessels and, in addition to the new landside transport connection, is another building block to alleviate and calm the traffic situation at this landing point.

Main dimensions:
Length: 95.00 m
Width: 9.00 m
Height: 1,825 m
Draught: 0.33 m
Displacement ballasted: 267.4 m³
Location: Melk, river km 2035.700, right bank of the Danube

The pontoon, made of steel (250 t), is connected to the bank via two access and exit bridges and attached to bollards by ropes.