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Handover of the new police patrol boat "Podersdorf

The emergency boat "Podersdorf" is the second boat in a row for the water police on Lake Neusiedl. With its location in Podersdorf, it enables the surveillance of the eastern and northern lake area. The boat corresponds to the state of the art, this also applies to the shipbuilding, mechanical and electronic equipment and fittings. This ensures safe operation in the police's area of operation, even in the event of weather-related difficulties.

Police Rescue Boat „Lentia“

The first of three police patrol boats named "Lentia" was handed over to the Water Police of Upper Austria in September 2021. One each for Lower Austria and Vienna will follow soon.

Handover of the emergency boat "Rust" for the water police on Lake Neusiedl

The police patrol boat "Rust" was handed over to the water police in Rust on Lake Neusiedl. The shallow-water capable emergency boat made of aluminium with jet propulsion and air-conditioned wheelhouse is used for surveillance of the western and southern lake area. The boat was equipped with a towing hook and a bow hatch for salvaging objects and persons in distress at sea.