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Achensee (2016)

Technical information:
Capacity with 500 people
LOA 46.8 meters, width 10.1 meters, depth: 1.4 meters, power: 2 x 294 kW

Achensee Saal
Achensee Deckengemälde
Achensee Nacht
MS Tirol

The MS Tirol was built in 1994 for the Achenseeschiffahrt and completely renovated in the year 2015th

MS Tirol
MS Tirol - Ballsaal
MS Tirol - Cockpit
MS Tirol - Wc Anlage
FGS Hallstatt (2015)

With 28 meters in length, it is the largest ship on Lake Hallstatt, corresponds to the new EU directive of 2019.
Equipped with "Schottel Twin Propeller" owns the ship excellent maneuvering and smoothness and a very low energy consumption.

Technical information:
Capacity with 190 people
LOA 27.8 meters, width 6.8 meters, depth: 0.9 meters, power: 1 x 162 kW

FGS Hallstatt bei Hallstatt
FGS Hallstatt
FGS Hallstatt „Schottel-Twin-Propeller“
FGS Hallstatt innen
MS Kristallprinzessin (2012)

The Crystal Princess is the newest ship in the fleet of Crystal & Wurm Köck June 2012 and has been traveling on the Danube between Regensburg and Valhalla. With exclusive crystal components from Swarovski designed "EXCLUSIVELY MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS". It meanders a crystal, flowering tree as a chandelier through the interior of the ship. At the very spacious open deck is the sparkling crystal bar and a silver crown an eye-catcher.

Key figures:
Capacity of 300 persons, including 150 interior seats
Overall length 47 meters, power 2 x 327 kW
Maximum speed 24 km / h

MS Kristallprinzessin
MS Kristallprinzessin
MS Kristallprinzessin
MS Kristallprinzessin
MS Rousseau (2012)

The new passenger ship MS Rousseau (working title MS300) for Bielersee Schifffahrt Gesellschaft (BSG) is underway from April 2012 to the Aare River and three lakes.

The stakes are high - it should be connected modern conveniences with maximum efficiency. MS Rousseau has room for 300 people, including 170 places in the interior, which are used for culinary delights.
The construction started in May 2011, the built in Linz sections are transported by truck to the lake of Biel. On shore Nidau ​​the parts to be welded together, run the equipment and the interior and made ​​the ship ready.

The installation of particulate filters in the exhaust systems and handicapped-accessible design continues to evaluate the MS 300

Key figures:
Capacity of 300 persons, including 170 interior seats
LOA 48 meters
Maximum speed 24 km / h

Design by utz

MS Rousseau
MS Rousseau Schiffsglocke
MS Rousseau Schiffstaufe
Überlingen (2010)

The ship MS Überlingen Lake Constance is considered modern ship with three decks, 4 rooms and a bar on the sun deck. Ideal for large events. The ship is licensed for 700 people, of which 250 seats inside.

Technical information about the MS Überlingen

Approved Passengers: 700 persons (including 250 seats inside), two man crewspeed: 14.36 knots (27 kmh), length: 58.20 meters, Width: 12,22 m, Draught: 1.68 meters, Displacement: 480 tons (empty vessel).

Design by utz

Überlingen (design by utz)
Überlingen Deck
Überlingen innen
Panta Rhei (2008)

The MS Panta Rhei is the latest motor boat the Zürichsee Shipping Company (ZSG), which operates since the spring of 2008 on Lake Zurich.

Technicalinformation on the MS Panta Rhei
Approved Passengers: 700 (of which 268 Banquet seating). Occupying three people, Speed: 14 knots (26 kmh) maximum of 18.6 knots (30 kmh), length: 56.6 meters, width: 10.7 meters. Draught: 1.5 m, Displacement: 390 tons.

Panta Rhei
Panta Rhei Night Shot
Panta Rhei View of lift and buffet
Panta Rhei Snail
CONVERSION MS Donau "Kristallschiff" (2007)

The 25-year-old MS Donau was in Winter 2006 / 2007 rebuilt entirely and retreated, while decorated for the most part with millions of stones the crystal manufacturer Swarovski. After completion, it was in May 2007, christened the new name "Kristallschiff". Feature is the largest floating crystal chandelier in the world, which consists solely of 70 000 crystals.

Technical information on the MS Donau

Approved Passengers: 700 persons (including 400 indoor seating), occupying two men Length: 78.35 meters, width: 9.9 meters Draft: 1.30 meters. Drive power: 992PS

Stadt Innsbruck 2007

The MS Stadt Innsbruck began operations in August 2007 on the Achensee its operation. The well designed hull design ensures that in hardly any waves. Disabled facilities, modern equipment and galley

Technical information on the MS Stadt Innsbruck

Approved Passengers: 450 persons (including 220 indoor seating), Speed: 13 knots (24 kmh), length: 45.6 meters Draft: 1.4 meters.

MS Stadt Innsbruck
MS Stadt Innsbruck seitlich
MS Stadt Innsbruck Gallery
MS Stadt Innsbruck Küche
Wilhelm 2005

The MS Wilhelm began operating in June 2005 on the lake Heiterwanger its operation.

Technical information on the MS Wilhelm
Approved Passengers: 106 persons, Speed​​: 9.7 knots (18 kmh), length: 18.7 meters, width: 4.50 m, Draft: 1.09 meters

MS Wilhelm
MS Wilhelm - Steuerstand
MS Wilhelm - Innen
MS Wilhelm - Heck

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